Vacuum Free Water Testing Purging  Pump

New, Patent Pending Swabbing System Design, transports liquid from the well without any vacuum or pressure. Therefore, there is no formation damage.

  • Pump is designed for well  purging with unbeatable speed 25-50 l/min per Stroke
  • No Formation damage (no external vacuum or pressure)
  • Environmentally friendly downhole parts.
  • Industrial strength equipment.
  • All in one design

GWP is Portable design. It is Truck mounted self-sufficient unit with 600 l water tanks capacity for water transportation and storage, 360 degree 1000 lbs pumping (swabbing) crane with 153m (500 ft) of cable, adjustable drop legs for crane leveling, self standing receiving barrel with transfer pump and dept counter.Total Weight of Mounted Equipment on Truck box with 600 liters of water in tanks ready for transportation is 2460 lbs (1115 kg)