Milan Rajic, P.Eng.

Milan is a Professional Engineer with 39 years of extensive experience in mechanical and structural engineering. He leads MECHALTA Group and CalgaRIG Corp. engineering and management team in planning, organizing and evaluating the operations.

Radoslav Simic, P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer
Radoslav is a Professional Engineer with a Masters Degree in Technical Sciences and over 22 years of experience in product development, static and dynamic structural analysis, project management, and software development. Radoslav published many scientific articles that were presented at international conferences using his hands on knowledge of different technological processes in fabrication, welding and machining and advanced theoretical knowledge of mechanical principles, FEA and CAD design.

Imre Ordog, P.Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Imre is a hands-on Professional Engineer with 30 years of extensive experience in Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Design, Machining Computer Programing, Fabrication, Commissioning in Industrial, Processing and Drilling Machinery. 


Radoslav Djurica, P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer
Rad is a Professional Engineer with 14 years of world wide experience.  As a mechanical engineer, Rad focuses on the engineering, design and fabrication of industrial and processing machinery. His main focus is on Drilling Rigs Structures and Top Drives.

Sarah Davis, PMP,
Project Coordinator
Sarah is Experienced Project Coordinator with strong program and project skills in Organization, Management, Networking, and Teamwork.

Radovan Tepavac,
Equipment Designer
Radovan is a hands-on Equipment Designer with more than 30 years of extensive experience in Equipment Engineering and Detail Design, Project Management, Fabrication, Commissioning in Oil and Gas Upstream Equipment Accessories and Drilling Machinery.

Saj Shapiro, MBA
Saj is a hands-on Professional  with more than 25 years of extensive management and organizational  experience. As a president and CEO, Saj experience encompasses various roles including executive leadership, strategic planning, marketing, technical development and operational management.

Paul Murphy,
Equipment Designer
Paul is an experienced Mechanical Designer. For more than 18 years Paul has been involved in the design and fabrication for industrial and processing machinery. Paul has been involved in projects ranging from drilling rigs to water treatment and processing units.

Zoran Paunovic, P.Eng.
Senior Structural Engineer
Zoran has 39 years of experience in structural analysis, detailing and inspection of steel and reinforced concrete structures for the oils sands, oil and gas processing, petrochemical and mining industry. Experience includes design of material handling and processing structures, such as conveyors and drive stations.

Mirko Svigir, P.Eng.
Mirko is a hands on Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Engineering. With over 15 years of extensive engineering and design experience, Mirko is a senior mechanical and structural engineer involved in and fabrication.