CalgaRIG Engineering Services

CalgaRIG mechanical, structural and design engineers provide added value to every client thanks to our extensive experience and deep understanding of core concepts including structural analysis, mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, instrumentation and hydraulics.

Double 500 Drilling Rig

We have spent many years accumulating academic and practical expertise in finite element modelling, design and structural analysis. As such, CalgaRIG offers specialized and customer focused services to our clients, in a diverse range of industries throughout the world.



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Conceptual Engineering Design Calculations Fabricated (Turnkey) Equipment
Structural Engineering Design Verification and Approval Creation of Shop and Fabrication Drawings
Mechanical Engineering Custom Design Equipment Manufacturing 2D Hard Copy of Fabrication Drawings
 Detail Engineering 3D Electronic Models
Design Engineering Installation and construction Manuals
Feasibility Analysis
Finite Element Strength and Stress Analysis
Project Management


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