CalgaRIG Oil and Gas Products

CalgaRIG takes pride in the quality, commitment and ingenuity intrinsic to each project we engineer. All CalgaRIG projects are engineered, designed, and developed in-house by CalgaRIG engineers.

550,000 lbs Triple Crane-less Drilling Rig

550,000 lbs Triple Crane-less Drilling Rig

CalgaRIG ensures step-by-step quality assurance from the initial concept stage, to manufacturing support and project management, through to daily operation and services.

CalgaRIG serves a variety of international clients and offers Structure, Rig and Accessory engineering projects.

Structures Rigs Accessories
Mobile Winterization Structures Drilling Rigs Top Drives
Compressor Buildings and Packages Service Rigs Racking Robotic Arm
Mud Preparation Systems Flush-by Rigs Walking Systems
Coring Rigs Drawworks
Crossing Units  IBOP Actuators
BOP Handling Systems
Under Balance Drilling Packages
Coil Tubing 
Power Tongs
Dollies and Trailers
Downhole Tools
General Accessories


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